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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terra Novus, Ep. 7 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

DJ: And now for our feature presentation of TERRA NOVUS: Created and presented by SCAD Radio Dramas (Scattered).

Sfx: intro theme

dj: last week on terra novous...

ISSAAC: Now run!

Sfx: Action music:

Sfx: morris starts firing and hitting the aliens, some of them scream in pain other yell back angrily ready for revenge. We can hear the crew running.


LIAM: common Aurora, we don’t have time!

AURORRA: It’s the baby! I thinks its coming.

Liam: But its too early.

Aurora: I know, but I can feel it!

Liam: You’ve got to run, I know it hurts… do it for your baby.

Aurora: I cant.

Liam: Sighs. Common, ill carry you.
Cut to
Gail: (screaming and banging on the door) wait! Wait for me! I made it, im here.
Let me on, I have the part. Hey guys its me! Please!!

Isaac: What are you doing?

Dylan: Im opening the door, im gonna let gail on.

Isaac: No, don’t. youl let them on too.

Dylan: No, ive got to, shes dying out there.
Aurora: No. the doors stay shut, the radio active sun of this planet has almost fully risen which means its at maximum power. It could kill all of us. Im not letting that happen to my crew, to my baby.
Cut to
Sfx: Screams get painfull and loder outside as it sounds like flesh is buring and bubbling.

Gail: Let me, oonnn—iiiyyeee!!!!

Sfx: her voice gets distorted and chages as she mutates.

Isaac: Theyre changing, its mutating them.

Dylan: Its killing them!

Gail: Let me on, Dylan please! Issac, I saved your life!! Just let me---( then her voice gets too distorted to recognize or undertsnd)
Cut to
Isaac: Whats wrong with her?

Liam: (sighs) Im afraid the stress of this whole thing, and o the radiation has lead to her having early contractions.
Cut to
Liam: All right it looks like your dialated enough, I think were ready. Are you r--

Isaac: Wait doc, what’s that?

Cut to
Liam: It looks like he’s gotten so active he’s wrapped the amblical chord around his neck.
Cut to
Liam: if we don’t get it unwrapped in the next three minutes, Aurora’s baby could suffocate to death!

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme.

Dj: And now for the continuation of terra novus. Episode seven.

Liam: Alright Isaac, you stand over here and tell me if you see anything.

Isaac: You mean look at her... you mean between her legs?

Liam: Com’on Isaac, be serious, her baby’s life is at stake here. Ok, now Aurora if we cant get that baby out I may have to perform an emergency c-section.

Aurora: O.. Okay.

Isaac: Ah, Dr. I think I see something.

Sfx: Walks over,

Isaac: Right you see it?

Liam: (to Isaac) Yes, it’s the baby, he’s crowning. It means he’s ready. (encouraging and to Aurora) okay Aurora, its time now. I need you to push.

SFX: the music builds with her pushing.

Aurora: (Pushes, straining.)

Liam: That’s it, common now push, you’re doing great.

Aurora: (Pushes, straining.)

Liam: Just a little more, you can do it.

Aurora: (Pushes, straining.)

Liam: You’re almost there.

Isaac: I hope she is, I can’t watch much more of...

Aurora: (Pushes, straining. Just when she thinks she can’t push anymore.)

Sfx: the music releases into joyfulness and the baby is born and cries. Perhaps even a delicate xylophone tune can be plaid here.

Isaac: You did it, you really did it.

Liam: Okay lets get this off you, alright.

Sfx: Goo noises, slime as she removes the umbilical from his neck.

Isaac: Did you... is it okay?

Liam: Yes. Congratulations Aurora, it’s a little beautiful baby girl.

Sfx: Aurora is Crying, baby is crying, music is emotional. Music ends as transition music.

Morris: How much longer do you think she’ll stay afloat.

Graham: She’ll be okay, for a while. I patched her up just like normal, but as always never as good as new.

Morris: So what do we do now? Where’s Isaac, I need to know where we are - I can’t be running this whole ship by my self, where the hell is my crew. I don’t even know where to go?

Bob: I believe I may have the answer to that inquiry?

Sound fx: Robot walks closer

Morris: 808? What do you want?

Bob: Well it seems that while my homing beacon was installed it was also blocking certain partially-deleted-memory-files.

Morris: Why do I care about partially-deleted-blah blah blah?

Bob: Well sir, upon reviewing these specific files I became aware of knowledge that might be useful to your current mission.

Morris: You mean you might do something helpful for once?

Bob: Sir, by my calculations I have never had a conversation with you that has not informed and influenced your future course of action as captain of the Vanguard.

Morris: Alright, alright, I’m not going to argue math with a calculator but why would you “partially delete” a memory file if it was important.

Bob: Not me sir, but my previous owner, IGSTA vice-president Burgos and my creator, IGSTA chief robotics engineer Quinn. You see my memory files now indicate that they had found and been in the process of terraforming a new planet for quite some time. In fact, it was well before the search mission that Isaac’s father was aboard.

Sfx: point of interest theme.

Morris: I know all this, the captain was blabbing all that nonsense before he blew himself apart, but it didn’t make any sense. He never said why they would do it. Why would IGSTA send out another search crew after they had already found the planet they were looking for?

Bob: As you said sir, you were not about to argue math with a calculator. However the motivations for their actions could be more easily determined using simple supply and demand market economics.

Morris: Go on.

Sfx: the music is dark and nostalgic as he retells the tale.
Bob: You see the more hopeless IGSTA could make the prospect of finding a new planet sound, while earth’s resources continued to dwindle, the more the remaining supplies would be met with a demand highly exceeding the supply, driving the price through the proverbial “roof,” sir.

Morris: So they’re milking every last drop out of a panicked population and then offering up a solution at the last minute, when only the rich have anything left to afford it. Knowing everyone will pay through the nose to get it. (Pause) Hugh, and you said this was all because of your homing beacon being removed?

Bob: Yes, I calculate my memory being restored coinciding with the beacon’s removal was more than coincidence.

Morris: Hugh, sounds like it was important. I think I’d like you to take another look at the beacon if you have a chance.

Bob: I would sir, except that it is no longer on the ship.

Morris: Then where the hell is it?

Bob: I believe Gail requested to be entrusted with its safe keeping.

Morris: (Sighs).

Sfx: (transition music)

(In memory)- from episode 4.

EXODUS CREW TECH: Hey I think I got it, (grunts) yep, here it is.

Sfx: spark fly as he breaks the chip off and pulls it out.

GRAHAM: That’s it hungh? Thats what he’s been using to track us?

GAIL: Hey what are you doing? Don’t break it.

EXODUS CREW TECH: What do you mean what am I doing? You want that bounty hunter coming after you again?

GRAHAM: Yeah, they wont always be here to bail us out and come to the rescue just in the nick of time you know.

GAIL: Yeah, I guess. But you can’t break it, that’s IGSTA property. Cant you just deactivate it or something?

EXODUS CREW TECH: I guess so… but its not as fun.

GAIL: Give it here.


GAIL: Now tell me what to do?

EXODUS CREW TECH: Press that red button there… no not that one, the other one.

GAIL: This one?

EXODUS CREW TECH: Yeah that’s it. Here, hold it up to your ear.

Sfx: a beeping noise gets louder like we the audience are outing the locator closer to our ear.

GAIL: Hey I hear it, does that mean its still on?

EXODUS CREW TECH: Yes, that’s the signal the bounty hunter’s been using to track your ship. No press that button I told you about.

Sfx: presses button and beeping ends.
GAIL: It stopped.

EXODUS CREW TECH: Well then its harmless. Just don’t press that other button or it will start sending the signal again.

(End memory, echo on the last sentence)

Sound fx: start an evil alien military theme. A slow moaning can be heard getting louder and louder as more join in, then screams of the mutants - environmental ambient sounds can be heard clueing us into being back on the planet Zudam.

Gail (mutated): We have a way off this planet. We have a way to get revenge. They left us behind, but we will make them remember us.

Sfx: The group get quiet, she presses a button and the beeping can be heard, as she reactivates the tracking beacon. The mutants scream in approval.

Gail (mutated): Make them come to us!

Sounds fx: The aliens scream louder in approval.

Sound fx: Fade out sounds and fade in transition music. The bounty hunter’s ship flies by. Inside the ship we can hear something like the pulsing beeps of a sonar and then a signal gets picked up.

Bounty Hunter: What? A signal?

Sound fx: Typing

Bounty Hunter: It’s the beacon from the 808 android I’ve been looking for. I thought they’d deactivated it or something, it must have just been malfunctioning.

Sfx: Typing.

Bounty Hunter: (Scoffs) They’re not even on their ship, they most have gotten stranded on that planet. Now all I have to do is set coordinates for an intercept course. Well, this has been a nice little surprise - makes my job easy; no high-speed space pursuits, no tricks, no way out.

Sfx: Plot thickens theme. A bit more typing and a few switches and the Bounty Hunter’s ship engages full thrusters. Transition music, and then sounds of his ship landing on the planet and his hatch opening. He walks off his ship and out onto the ground.

Bounty Hunter: Alright, come to papa.

Sound fx: He flips open the tracking device which beeps rhythmically, changing in pitch and speeds up as he gets closer to the beacon. If my calculations are correct they should be just a few feet into that narrow ravennae between, those tall cliffs. They probably found a cave or something to hide out in.

Sound fx: Transition music.

Sound fx: Beeps continue to get louder and he keeps walking. He pulls out and loads his gun.

Bounty Hunter: Alright, made it to the cliffs, finally some shade on this God forsaken planet. If I didn’t know better I’d say I landed on the sun.

Sound fx: He pulls out some sort of handheld device.

Bounty Hunter: It looks like I’m picking up three distinct biosignatures. (Scoffs) And I thought they’d at least be able to put up a fight.

Sfx: Walks into the cave, his footsteps echo now. Start a quite eerie theme that swells, slowly getting louder and louder.

Bounty Hunter: Come out, come out, wherever you are. (to himself) Man, I should be right on top of them. Better check the scanner.

Sfx: Pulls out device which bleeps.

Bounty Hunter: That’s funny, it’s showing the same biosignatures, but it’s lost the 808 robot. It’s almost like someone suddenly just turned off the homing beacon. Wait, it could just be malfunctioning again, a short circuit or something. (to himself) But I swear, I was getting a reading for it right here, along with the three...

Sfx: Device beeps faster and more. Pebbles roll down the rocks, the music gets freakier.

Bounty Hunter (increasingly panicked): Wait, there’s more of them. 8, 9... 13 of them. There weren’t even that many onboard the ship.

Sound fx: Start tense scary music, sour notes etc. His heartbeat can quietly be heard getting faster and faster. More pebbles come tumbling down the cliff and moaning can be heard. The bounty hunter circles around claustrophobically as scuffling can be heard on the rocks above.

Bounty Hunter: They’re closing in, and fast - but where? Where are you! SHOW YOUR SELF!

Sound fx: Everything cuts out, music, the heartbeat etc.

Bounty Hunter: They’re right on top of me, but how could be it’s a canyon, you only go forwards and backwards, unless.. Unless they’re...

Sfx: A few more pebbles come tumbling down the canyon wall.

Bounty Hunter: Oh no - (quivering with fear) above me.

Sfx: The music kicks back up horrifically, the mutants let out a terrifying scream and jump down on him tearing him limb from limb. The bounty hunter gets a few shots off while screaming before he is killed.

Gail (mutated): To his ship my fellow mutants, the instrument of our salvation is here, and the time for revenge is at hand!

Sound fx: All roar triumphantly, a blood thirsty army out for blood. Transition music, which builds and then abruptly cuts off like the Lost theme.

Aurora: Ahhh! (Panting and out of breath as she wakes up from a bad dream).

Sound fx: Baby starts crying.

Liam: Hey, its okay, you were having a nightmare. It’s okay, I just woke you up because you were scaring... you were scaring.. Well should I just call her “the baby” until further notice, or did you have a name picked out already?

Sfx: Start emotional gentle theme, maybe with the xylophones again.

Aurora: Oh, right the baby. Well, he wanted to...

Liam: Aurora, he’s not here. What is YOUR baby’s name.

Aurora: Pause, Minerva. I want her name to be Minerva.

Liam: Then Minerva it is.

Sfx: Transition music, Isaac walks up.

Morris: Where have you been?

Isaac: I was helping Liam with Aurora.

Morris: Well luckily, Dylan filled in for you.

Isaac: What.. What do you mean, we don’t even know where we should be headed.

Morris: We do now, BOB said removing his homing beacon gave him new memories or something. All I know is, Bob gave me the location of the planet.

Isaac: Which planet?

Morris: The planet? Terra Novus.

Isaac: How close are we...

Dylan: We’ll be landing just outside the colony in a few minutes.

Isaac: That’s amazing….

Graham: I don’t know, do you really think we should, I mean, they don’t know that were coming. What if they think we’re some kind of hostile aliens or something?

Morris: Oh don’t be so naive Graham, this is what we’ve been waiting for.. searching for, for the entire time we’ve been out here.

Isaac: Wait a minute, did you say colony?

SFX: Dark reminiscent theme.

Morris: Yeah, the terraformers. Bob was telling me they’ve been processing the atmosphere for years, since before the Vanguard mission was even sent. He said they sent the extra missions and kept its discovery a secret to boost the economy back on earth.

Isaac: That... that’s horrible.

Morris: That’s money. (Under his breath) And don’t I know it. But we have more pressing matters. Gather up everyone you can, I can’t keep running this ship by myself and if they saw us coming through the atmosphere, chances are they’ll ask us to identify before landing -

SFX: Music becomes short bursts like jaws music.

Graham: But we aren’t going to be able to because our communications are out, right?

SFX: The baby coos.

Graham: Sorry, she was awake and I didn’t want her to wake Aurora.

Isaac: So what are we going to do?

Morris: Well if everything goes well we’re going to try to land anyway.

Isaac: And if it doesn’t?

Graham: They’ll try to shoot us out of the sky.

Sound fx: Distant laser cannons fire multiple shots.

Isaac: What was that?

Graham: Everything “not” going well.

Morris: Hold on!

Sfx: The music kicks into desperate adventure theme. The laser bursts come sizzling through the air, getting louder and louder until they hit the ship throwing everyone off their feet. The ship begins to dive bomb. The baby begins to fuss.

Morris: What just happened?

Dylan: I believe they’ve just clipped our wings Captain.

Morris: What the hell do you mean “clipped our wings” I want English, what just happened? I want a report, now!

Sfx: Typing.

Graham: They’ve disabled our nuclear core sir, which knocked out our main power grid.

Morris: So don’t we have a back up generator, reserve power - there’s got to be something we can do. Think!

Sfx: Typing.

Graham: Negative, there’s only enough power for diagnostics, life support, lighting, and medical sir. It’s not enough to power an entire ship.

Morris: Then get down there and patch it up like you always do Graham!

Graham: With all due respect captain, this isn’t a scratch. I cant just put a band-aid on it have it keep working like I usually do, we lost the entire core, were lucky it didn’t crack the bloody thing open or we’d have all been blown to atomic bits.

SFX: A door opens and Aurora walks in.

Aurora: What’s going on?

Morris: (sarcastically) Nice of you to join us. Look, I don’t care what we do, but we’ve got to come up with a plan in less than-

Sfx: typing.

Dylan: 45 seconds to impact sir.

Morris: 45 seconds or were all d–

Sfx: Another laser hits the ship.

Morris: Dead!

Sfx: Minerva, the baby starts crying.

Liam: Stop squirming.

Aurora: Hold on to her Liam.

Liam: I’m trying, but she keeps -

Sfx: Another shot hits the ship, everything goes into slow motion. The music kicks into a timeless dream type theme as everything slows. The hit broke something lose that hits Graham. Like an air pressure hose/pipe or something.

Liam: Ungh!

Aurora: The baby! You dropped...

Sfx: The crying baby stops crying abruptly and hovers, and the ship comes to a halt, Its frame creaking under the weight. Keep the same music theme, but everyone can go back to normal speed.

Isaac: What, what just happened?

Morris: I don’t know but, somebody’s getting a raise, I can tell you that much.

Aurora: Minerva. Look, she’s floating… just like the ship.

Liam: Is she doing this?

Aurora: Someone catch her before she falls and this all ends.

Liam: I’ve got her.

Sfx: grabs and holds baby.

Liam: That a girl.

Sfx: the baby starts crying again causing the ship gently drops a few feet and crashes down on the planet surface. The music stops.

Crew together: Oooff!

Graham: Sound so far fetched now, eh “captain?”

Morris: Shut up Graham. Everyone okay?

Dylan: I’m here?

Liam: Present and accounted for.

Isaac: Living.

Aurora: She’s okay, the baby is okay.

Morris: And you.

Aurora: Oh, me? A few scratches here and there but I’ll live.

Sfx: start eerie dark music.

Graham: Where are they, shouldn’t whoever shot us down be right on top of us by now?

Aurora: Yeah, where’s the fallow up?

Sfx: A massive explosion can be heard from far away.

Isaac: Man did you see that?

Graham: The only thing I’ll be seeing for the next few minutes is stars, that thing was so bright.

Morris: It seems the terraformers have their hands full dealing with someone else.

Graham: What do you think could have caused and explosion of that caliber.

Isaac: Everything could “not be going well” for someone else too?

Morris: (Scoffs).

Dylan: It could be terrorism.

Aurora: It could be war.

Sfx: plot development theme, start heroic adventure theme.

Morris: Whatever it is, were not the only ones paying the terraformers a visit. And whatever is attacking them could attack earth next. I say we find out what were up against. And that means splitting up. (to one group) Liam, Aurora and Graham, you three go and find out what or who caused that explosion. Reconnaissance is the name of the game, do you hear me? I don’t want you guys playing hero and getting your selves killed. (to the other group) And you three, get the parts you need to fix the core and the transponder and get back here, nothing more.

Aurora: And I’ll...

Morris: You’ll stay here, Aurora. You stay here and watch over the ship, and your baby. You’re a mother now.

Aurora: Minerva, I named her Minerva.

Morris: Make it quick, we won’t have any way to contact each other, so you’re all responsible for everyone else in your group getting back here in a safe and timely manner. Alright, we can’t hope they’ll be distracted all the time, so let’s move out.

Sfx: Hands out guns, crew load them.

Morris: Remember these are for protection only, no target practice. No itchy trigger fingers, I want safeties on.

Sfx: Ships doors open, crew walk out. Transition music, fade in footsteps walking across the floors. Start sneaky music. The terraforming station has a different ambient sound, could have terraforming machinery going on in the background, oxygen processors or something.

Graham: How do you think the first group is doing figuring out what caused that explosion?

Dylan: Hopefully better than us. Wait, there, I see it. A radio station just up ahead.

Sfx: Music cuts out.

Alien Guard (in space mask): Hold it, identify yourselves.

Sfx: Laser gun battle ensues. Action music.

LIAM: Over there, we can hide behind that corner, take shelter. Go!

Sfx: Laser blasts deflect and hit the wall, some just whiz by. The team run over and sit down behind something. Start anticipation music.

Liam: (panting) Graham! Why aren’t you helping?

Graham: (awkwardly and suspicious) My gun.... it’s ah.. It seems to be jammed.

Dylan: Here take mine, I’ll get that one working again.

SfX: Gives him the gun.

Graham: Oh, thanks. Now I can blast some of those (pause) Kodukai “scum.”

Liam: Yeah! That’s the spirit. Now, if create a distraction do you think you could get a clean shot on him.

Graham: Oh I really don’t think I–

Dylan: Come on I’m sure you’ll do great. And if nothing else Liam will have your back.

Liam: All right so you’re going to make a dash across to the other side on three. One…

Dylan and Liam (together): Two.

Dylan: Three!

Sfx: Start action music. Runs across and laser fire picks up. Liam shoots back.

Liam: Come on Graham, this is our chance.


LIAM: Come on!

Sfx: Laser blast hits Dylan. Music hits a bad note and then gets desperate, but still with anticipation.

Dylan: Ungh! I’m hit.

Sfx: Falls to the ground. Laser fire continues.

LIAM: She’s going to get killed out there.

GRAHAM: (under his breath) So what.

LIAM: What?!

GRAHAM: I mean, “You’re right. What am I doing?”

Sfx: Loads gun. Music cuts out.

GRAHAM: Take that!

Sfx: Graham starts shooting! Alien stops shooting.

Alien: Pat-mok? Is that y–

Sfx: Graham shoots him, his body hits the floor bloodily. The music hits a dark death note, start a double crossing theme.

Alien: rghh!!

Liam: (Becoming increasingly distant) Nice shot. Come on, let’s go get Dylan. Hey wait! Graham, where are you going?

Sfx: Graham walks up to the bloody alien as he struggling in pain. The music breaks down to tense beats like jaws.

Alien: (quietly, as dying) Pat-mok, my lord.

Graham: I.. Don’t know what your talking about.

ALIEN: Pat-mok, it’s me, Shorn-Cal-eye, your brother – don’t you remember. Why did you shoot me, and why have you taken the form of that human!

SFX: plot thickens theme.

GRAHAM: For the last time, I told you I don’t what you’re talking about.

Sfx: Loads gun

GRAHAM: (whispering and angry, through his teeth) If you would have just kept your mouth shut, I wouldn’t have to do this.

ALIEN: No, Pat-mok, wait!

SFX: The laser gun fires, splattering the alien’s head everywhere. End on a long single death note. Fade in a double crossing, scheming theme.

LIAM: What did you do that for? We could have questioned him. Gotten some answers.

GRAHAM: He would have died slowly and wouldn’t have told us anything. I had to end his suffering.

LIAM: (sighs) Did you get the parts, Dylan?

Sfx: Something sparks as she pulls a circuit from the terminal.

Dylan: Yeah, this should be everything I’ll need to fix the transponder.

LIAM: Graham? You got what you need.

Sfx: Gathers a few metal objects, spare parts.

GRAHAM: Yeah, me too.

LIAM: Alright, then lets get back to the ship. Come on, I’ll help you .

Dylan: (grunts as she tries to stand)

Sfx: Liam helps Dylan to her feet and the team walks back toward ship, Dylan limping and grunting in pain. Transition music. The door opens for the ship and the team walk in.

Aurora: What happened?

Dylan: They saw us?

Aurora: And they shot you?

Graham: I guess, it was a “shoot first, ask questions latter” kinda’ thing.

Dylan: Where’s the other group, they’re not back yet?

Graham: It would seem that way, wouldn’t it.

Dylan: Aurora, I can watch the baby while I repair the transponder, you should go and help the others find the first group. Graham, you’ll have to stay here to start repairing the engine and installing the new part.

Liam: And I’ll stay and tend to your wounds Dylan.

Dylan: Thanks Liam.

Sfx: Start delicate romance theme.

Aurora: Alright.

Liam: Be safe Aurora.

Aurora: Liam, if anything happens I just want you to know I–

Liam: (kiss on cheek, pause) I know. I’ll take care of her.

Aurora: No, that’s not what I meant.

Aurora: I know what you meant.

Liam: (swallows) Okay.

Sfx: Runs out the door, she loads her gun. Transition music.

Dylan: Graham why don’t you get started on the repairs to the engine core. Okay Liam, it will only take me a few minutes to get the communications grid up again now that I’ve got this part. I think I’ll be okay until then.

Liam: Okay? So.. I’ll go get set up for you.

Dylan: I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Liam: Alright, see you there. Be careful and if you feel anything... anything at all, let me know.

Sound fx: a door opens, he walks through, then it shuts.

Dylan: I know, I know.

Sfx: Transition music

Dylan: Alright.

Sfx: Opens a squeaky panel, the wires inside spark a bit. Her voice starts to echo a bit when she reaches back into the underneath compartment of the communications station, like a plumber.

Dylan: So this should be fairly simple, just a blown fuse.

Dylan: Just pull out the old fuse.

Sfx: Pulls out old fuse.

Dylan: And then put in the new one

Sfx: Puts in new fuse

Dylan: And this extra part to ensure their compatibility.

Sfx: Clicks last part in and sparks stop. Communications grid warms up and comes online.

Dylan: (grunts) There we go.

Sfx: Shifting through static, channels until Graham’s voice can be heard. Start a interesting, double-crossing theme.

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) This is Graham, calling the NSS Exodus. Do you copy?

Dylan: (no echo now) Graham? Why do you have a beard? What’s going on? And more importantly why are you calling me from the engine room.

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) Dylan, Dylan is that you. It’s been so long.

Dylan: Yes it’s me stupid. I just sent you downstairs to repair the engine with the new parts we got.

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) Okay, Dylan. Listen to me very carefully. The Graham that is on your ship is not me. He is an imposter, a shape-shifter.

Sfx: plot thickens theme.

Dylan: What? What ware you trying to pull?

Sfx: Start eerie music, we can hear, quietly and in memory, the scene happening from script three where he is copied, in the background.

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) Please, Dylan. When I was outside repairing the ship on Neb-Kinar, the Kodukai captured me, somehow stole my DNA, my memories, my knowledge and then shape-shifted into someone that looked like me - but it’s not me! I’ve been held prisoner this whole time by the Kodukai, I saw your ship come down and I escaped, hoping I could reach one of you in time.

Dylan: Oh my God, Graham! What do I..

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) Listen, you have to get as far away from him as you can, he’s planning to-

Sfx: Music peeks on a bad note. A tranquilizer gun fires. A dart hits Dylan.

Dylan: Nguh! (Sighs as passes out)

Sfx: Her body hits the floor.

Graham: (Statically and scratchy over the radio) Dylan? Dylan!!

Sfx: The fake graham walks up to the communications station.

Graham (transforming into alien voice): I didn’t stay undercover on this ship all this time just to have you go ruin it now, Graham!

Sfx: Plot thickens theme.

Graham: Pat-mok!

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme.

DJ: Join us next week for the exciting continuation of Terra Novus every week at (show time) every (show day of the week) night here on SCAD RADIO.

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Music and Sound FX by: __________
Mixed by:_______
This has been a presentation of SCAD Radio Dramas, tune in every week at (show time) every (show day of the week) night here on SCAD RADIO.

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