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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terra Novus, Ep. 3 - Doppelganger

DJ: And now for our feature presentation of TERRA NOVUS: Created and presented by SCAD Radio Dramas (Scattered).

Sfx: intro theme

dj: last week on terra novous...

Sfx: The hyperspeed is engaged sounding somewhat like a nuclear explosion and the ship is sent hurling through space at an incredible speed. After a few seconds it starts to slow down and eventually to an idle.

(Cut to)

Morris: We have to keep moving, that bounty hunter could easily follow the fallout trail through hyperspace that these old NSS’s leave behind after a jump like that.

Gail: hold on just a minuite. NSS, fallout, you mean like a nuclear space ship?! I thought all nuclear space ships were either outlawed or dismantled.

Morris: all but one. These old beasts use a duel nuclear core to fold space the old fashion way.

(Cut to)

aurorra: Graham, can the ship keep moving or not?

Graham: No. The ship’s too weak to withstand another jump. Normally the hits we took from the bounty hunter’s lazer cannons wouldn’t have done too much damage but all our power was diverted to the hyperdrive which left us defenseless.

Aurorra: Great, just great. So what do you suggest we do?

Issac: We can hide. There’s a planet not too far from here.

(Cut to)

Aurorra: Look. Over there, three of the Kodukai have captured graham while he was outside working on the ship.

(Cut to)

Pat-mok: Alien voices
bob: he says his name is Pat-mok. you will stay here under the watch of his brother, Jurkal while he searches the ship with his father, Durkal, for anything of use before they destroy it.
(Cut to)
Sfx: the alien loads his lazer gun. Garaham and Pat-mok can be heard talking from the next room over indistinctly and increasingly louder.

issac (whispering): hey, you guys hear that.

Dylan (whispering): Barley, I can hardley make it out.

Gail (whispering): quiet down over there you two, you want to get us all killed?

graham (from the next room over): look that wasnt part of the plan. Im out.

Pat-mok (from the next room over): Alien talks agrily.

Graham (from the next room over): no. there’s no deal!

Pat-mok (from the next room over):Alien yells

graham (from the next room over): well I don’t care, you cant just go and bomb all those people like that. Why us why not some other species.

Pat-mok (from the next room over): alien yells.

Graham (from the next room over): we did what? Hey, what are you doing? Put that down.

Pat-mok (from the next room over): Alien yells angry then unholsters and loads his gun.

Graham (from the next room over): No!

sfx (from the next room over): A few gun blasts go off.
Dylan: Graham!

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme starts then ends.

Dj: And now for the continuation of terra novus. Episode three.

Sfx: All this will be heard as if we are there, no longer like it is muffled like we are hearing it from the next room over. Start scheming double crossing plan theme.

Pat-mok and Durkal: (talk amongst themselves.)

Graham: (pause, slowly graham starts breathing again) Why didn’t you kill me?

Sfx: the aliens pull out and set up some sort of device.

Graham: Hey what are you doing with that? Are you taking a picture of me.

Pat-mok: (The alien starts speaking and slowly his voice changes from the alien into Graham’s voice.)

Pat-mok (now sounding like graham): Not a simple picture, but a full body scan. So that I could use this bio-modulator to change my appearance to look like you, changes my vocal chords to sound like you and even give me your memories.

Sfx: plot thickens theme.

Graham: But why?

Pat-mok: We need a mole, someone on the inside. To make sure this “expedition” does not succeed.

Graham: Why don’t you just blow us all up, like you said.

Pat-mok: We can learn from you, learn of the humans’ plans, they could be valuable in this time of war. We can learn much from the one you call Liam, he is a doctor is he not? He can tell us how you work... and how you die.

Graham: I can’t believe you guys. Where is my money? What are you going to do to me?

Pat-mok: Were not going to kill you... yet. Even though I now look and sound just like you, if they do find out about our little switch, you’ll be a valuable asset to us. We can use you to bargain with them.

Graham: You mean use me as a hostage? This wasn’t part of the deal, you got what you came for, you even took the crew hostage while you were at it. Now you have to hold up you’re end of the bargain.

Durkal: Alien yells.

Sfx: He hits him

Graham: Unhh.

Sfx: Falls to the ground. He puts a pair of laser binders on Graham.

Durkal: Talks

Pat-mok: I know, stick to the plan. just act normal - act... “human.” and...

Durkal: Talks

Pat-mok: I’ll need your help when I go back, to convince them I killed you. And I’ll have to kill Jurik.

Durkal: Speaks.

Pat-mok: And yes of course. I know, make sure the humans never reach Terra Novus. (Laugh maniacally.)

Sfx: plot thickens theme.

Pat-Mok: (Breathing returns to normal) All right lets go.

Sfx: Transition music. Then heavy foot steps can be heard approaching the door.

Isaac (whispering): Sounds like their back.

Dylan: (angry, sad and through her teeth) The murderers.

Jurik: Speaks.

Bob: He says, you will respect my brother and father or meet the same fate as your friend.

Sfx: The door opens and he walks in.

Morris: It’s him.

Jurik: Speaks.

Bob: He welcomes his brother Pat-mok back, but asks why Jurkal is not with him?

[pat-mok] but now referred to as Graham (muffled from behind pat-mok’s body): Ask him yourself... when you see him in hell!

Sfx: start adventure music. Unholsters and loads laser gun.

Jurik (surprised): Screams?!

Sfx: Two laser blasts, Jurik screams and falls to the floor. Stop adventure music.

Dylan: Graham? We thought you were dead.

Morris: Man, you really had us fooled, walking in holding Pat-Mok’s body in front of you like that.

Isaac: Yeah, even Jurik thought you were one of them.

Graham: (suspiciously uneasy) Yeah, guess I fooled you all.

Aurora: I’m glad were alive but we don’t even know if there are any more of them out there. Help us out of these laser bonds and lets finish those repairs so we can get the hell out of here.

Morris: Except this time, we’ll guard you.

Sfx: Morris picks up Pat-mok’s laser gun and loads it. Transition music. Open’s engine panel.

Morris: So how did you do it?

Isaac: Yeah exactly happened so you could defeat that Kodukai?

Morris: Yeah speaking of that, weren’t there two of them? I mean three, minus the one who was guarding us inside.

Graham: I guess he took back off into the forest.

Morris: You didn’t kill him?

Isaac: So he’s out there somewhere?

Morris: (angry and suspicious) Probably coming back with some more of his friends.

Sfx: Loads laser gun.

Aurora: Can we hurry it up Graham?

Graham: Almost finished, just have to connect these... (grunts)

Sfx: electricity arcs between two wires sending sparks flying as the ship’s engine charges up back up. Optimistic theme.

Graham: Conduits together. There I’m finished, now she should have her wings back.

Sfx: Shuts engine panel.

Morris: Gentlemen, get aboard and strap in. Aurora, prep for departure we leave in five.

Sfx: Transition music. Ship takes off into space.

Dylan: All right what is it, what’s so important that you had to pull me in here to talk to me. I was talking to him.

Isaac: Listen to yourself, calling Graham “him” like he’s “all powerful” or something.

Dylan: (scoffs).

Isaac: Ok, whatever anyway, doesn’t it seem a little weird? Those IGSTA guys sending a “bounty hunter” up here after me.

Dylan: Is that what he chased us for?

Isaac: Yeah, I mean that’s what Morris says. I don’t know, I guess it seems like allot of work just to kill one person, let alone someone who’s not even going to be on earth to ruin their reputation.

Dylan: You mean like you think they came for someone else?

Isaac: Or something else?

Dylan: I wouldn’t be surprised; I mean if this crew was the cream of the crop, the farmers must have had a bad year. (Laughs, her mocking tone turns to affection) except for Graham.

Sfx: play awkward romantic theme.

Isaac: (stops laughing causing Dylan to hear her laugh and stop awkwardly) You really like him now, don’t you?

Dylan: Why wouldn’t I, don’t you? I mean, the guy saved your life, all of our lives for that matter.

Isaac: I know, I know he saved all our lives. I get it. I just thought… I mean you’ve been all over him since he’s gotten back. It’s almost like that planet did something to both of you, I mean I thought I was… and you were…

Dylan: You thought what….

Isaac: (pauses between her dialogue and his, but she quickly snaps back after his comments) Just that….

Dylan: What?

Isaac: Nothing.

Sfx: end awkward romantic theme.

Dylan: Anyway, maybe those IGSTA guys are just scared of you because they know you’re right.

Isaac: I hope so. I hope I’m wrong about that bounty hunter, Osotica, and I hope you’re right about me and....

Sfx: Dylan gets up and opens the door, the talking in the background gets louder.

Morris: Hey common Graham’s telling the crew how he defeated those aliens.

Isaac: ...Graham?

Graham: So I said, “if you think you’re going to get back onto that ship so you can hurt my friends, you’re just going to have to kill me.”

(random crew members): Gasp

Graham: So when he looked down to pull his gun, I got him in the jaw with my right and kicked him where I knew it would hurt a male of any species just as bad as the next.

Random crew: (cringe) ehhh, eewww.

Dylan: That’s so heroic. You know it’s so rare to have someone that would risk his life like that for a chance to save his crew like that.

Graham: Well what was I supposed to do, just let him walk back on board and let him end the future of this mission. The future of earth? No, I had too many lives resting on my shoulders, I couldn’t let them down. So then I got his gun away from him and well... then you know the rest.

Dylan: That’s such a great story.

Isaac: (sighs and walks away)

Sfx: Transition music

Isaac: I don’t know maybe its just me but I would have never pegged Graham to be the type to do something like that.

Morris: I don’t know, situations like that can change a man. The pressure of the situation could have cause him to grow in ways he may have never done on his own. Much like your father.

Isaac: My father?

Sfx: Start nostalgic theme.

Morris: He was a good man. Who knows, maybe he’s not dead after all, just lost. If I know you’re father at all, I know if he is still alive, he’ll be spending every last moment of his life searching for this planet of yours, weather he finds it or not.

Isaac: (optimistically)Yeah I guess so.

Sfx: transition music.

Liam: So how long have you known? When did you find out?

Aurora: Just a few days before the mission, I could feel it, I just knew. But I couldn’t tell Morris. He needed a pilot and I didn’t want to let him down, he already thinks so little of me.

Liam: He’s just old fashioned... sexist if you ask me.

Aurora: Sexist? But I didn’t think there were any of those left, its been almost nearly a century since women….

Liam: I know, I know. I’m not agreeing with him im just explaining that I think he doesn’t think you’re capable of doing your job because you’re a… well, a woman. Now let me get you that medicine you needed.

Sfx: Pulls out a tray with wobbling bottles on it. The door opens. Start disoriented theme.

Graham and Dylan: (laughing) whoa whoops.

Sfx: Graham falls into Liam knocking the pills everywhere and a bottle of beer falls to the ground, glugging as it spills everywhere.

Aurora: Dylan, Graham, are you two drunk?

Graham: Hey…save some for me “Mr. Floor” (laughs), that’s expensive.

Dylan and Graham: (Snickers and then laughing together) no it’s not.

Dylan: Sorry bout the mess doc… captain.

Graham: Yeah, wrong room I guess (laughs drunkenly).

Sfx: They get back up and leave, the door shuts.

Aurora: Oh, I’m so sorry, let me help you clean that up.

Liam: No, please I can get it.

Sfx: start quite sad theme.

Aurora: Oh come on, there’s pills everywhere. It’ll go faster this way.

Sfx: Bump heads as put pills back in the bottle.

(Together): Ouch.

Liam: Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to bump heads, I was just trying to…

aurora: No, No its my fault entirely.

Liam: Okay just make sure to keep them separated, we don’t want to mix these up. For Dylan especially, since she’s allergic to pain killers.

Aurora: Really?

Liam: Yeah it was on her med file. Anyway put the ones that look like this with the little ends on it in here.

Aurora: I think that’s a letter. It looks like E.

Sfx: music stops.

Liam: Oh... really. I didn’t. (Awkward silence and pause)

Aurora: Are you... can you... (pause) nah.

Liam (cuts her off and starts talking nervously fast): Anyway just put them in the bottle and we can get this all over with. They make a weird couple don’t they? Before the whole situation she hated his guts and now its like he’s a whole different person to her since he told that story… (pause) What? Why are you looking at me like that.

Aurora (softly): You cant read can you.

Liam: (Scoffs) I can read just fine, how do you think I… I…

Aurora: Then read this. (pause)

Liam: It says.. (struggles) I… I can’t read, there are you happy.

Sfx: Liam walks over to the computer and types something in.

Liam: I can’t read... write, but who needs to? Everyone just types anyway... I mean the pills... I just memorize how they look, the computer’s got a photo for all of them. I sort of have a photographic memory that way, and if I can’t get it, I use the computer’s vocalizer, and it reads it to me.

Sfx: Hits the return key and the computerized voice reads out loud “dicosa-hex-anoic acid, also called DHA, an excellent source for omega-3 fatty acids, prominently used in prenatal supplements.”

Liam: See.

Aurora: Well anyone would have had trouble reading that one, but you really cant read... anything.

Sfx: start tension theme.

Liam: Please, don’t tell Morris he’ll throw me off. I can do my job, honest.

Aurora: Why are you avoiding the problem, trying to find ways to get around it

Liam: Well… I…

Aurora: When we could just fix it.

Sfx: Music changes to happy optimistic theme.

Liam: (Pause) What do you mean?

Aurora (slowly and emphasizing every word): Why don’t I teach you how to read and write?

Liam: (Stammering) You... you would do...? (pause) nah, you don’t have to, I’ll be--

Aurora: Liam. I want to.

Sfx: Transitional music

Aurora: Alright, so now that were back on track and have a fully functional ship again lets get pointed back in the right direction. Isaac.

Isaac: Oh you mean me? (Pause) Oh, okay just give me one second to check our current coordinates against the star map.

Sfx: Types something into the computer and then flips through a book.

Sfx: Start point of interest theme.

Morris: You still have his space logs? I thought you said you destroyed it.

Gail: You were bluffing? You lied to a board of IGSTA members?

Isaac: I did, I just printed off a back up copy first. I was trying to let them know that they weren’t intimidating me when they started threatening me. I was trying to stay in control, (sighs) but you can see how well that went.

Aurora: Yeah, well.

Isaac: Alright so were about 30 keks from Neb-kinar which would make that one La Kempla 22, the furthest of Becksar’s moons. And given the time of year and their position in orbit we need to be headed toward, about where that bright star is over there in the Lantijj nebula.

Aurora: Wait... that’s no star, its getting bigger. it’s a…

Morris: A ship. And not just any ship.

Sfx: Ominous tension theme starts.

Isaac: Yeah, I know that ship.

Aurora: Osotica, the bounty hunter.

Sfx: His ship gets closer and closer.

Aurora: He must have just finished tracking our fallout trail through hyperspace.

Isaac: What do we do!?

Aurora: Same thing we did last time. (louder and over the intercom) Dylan, Graham, get up to the bridge immediately.

Dylan: But it didn’t work, he still found us - just as you said.

Morris: It failed at keeping us safe, but it did do one thing right - which is what I need it to do now, and that is buy us enough time to come up with a better plan. Because right now we don’t have either.

Sfx: A door opens and Dylan and Graham come through the door, take their seats and start typing.

Dylan: We’re here Captain.

Morris: Well, get us anywhere but.

Dylan: Right away, I’m calculating a clear path through hyperspace, the engine needs about ten seconds to charge.

Sfx: start building adventure music. The engines start to charge up. Bob walks up his metal feet on the grates of the ship’s main deck give him away.

Morris: Bob what are you doing up here?! Get in the back where you’re supposed to be!

Dylan: Five seconds.

Morris: Everyone hold on to something and Dylan, tell Osotica…

Sfx: The engine reaches maximum charge and tries to complete the jump, but then fails and sputters to a halt. The music changes to the tension theme.

Isaac: …Hello?

Aurora: What just happened? Why aren’t we moving?

Morris: I don’t, I don’t know. Damage report, are we hit?

Graham: Negative. There must be something wrong with the engines.

Bob: If I may, that’s what I was trying to explain. The ship has informed me that we are unable to complete the jump into hyperspace because one of the nuclear cores, required to fold space, is either malfunctioning... or missing.

Morris: (Yelling) What?! I thought you said you fixed it.

Graham (clulessly): I did, it must have been “those” aliens, “that Pat-mok,” must of done something to screw it up.

Morris: Whatever the excuse, get below and fix it! And be quick about it!

Sfx: The door opens, Graham runs out, the door shuts.

Dylan: He’s hailing us.

MORRIS: Put him on.

SFX: The radio comes on and shifts through static before tuning in on the signal.

BOUNTY HUNTER: By order of IGSTA, lower your speed and land your ship immediately or I will be forced to destroy you. Take my word for it when I tell you I wont be as stupid as to allow you jump into hyperspace again, not that it did you any good last time. (Pause) Now hand him over.

Morris: Turn him off.

Sfx: Shuffles through static before transmission is ended.

Morris: Aurora take over, Isaac help me man the guns. Battle stations!

Isaac: But I thought you said we wouldn’t stand a chance against a…

Morris: Forget what I said and just help me. We don’t have a choice. Right now it’s kill or be killed.

Sfx: Isaac and Morris run to and arm the gun turrets. Start desperate/stressful adventure theme.

Morris: Hey Isaac, that big red switch on your left…

Isaac: Yeah?

Morris: That’s your targeting computer, flip it on. It will help you lock onto his position.

Sfx: They turn on the screens, load the guns, swivel and rotate into position and then fire. The shots whiz by with no hits as Osotica’s ship dodges them. Then he fires back, which should be a distinctly different sounding laser.

Morris: Aurora, evasive maneuvers, he’s firing back.

Aurora: I see him.

Sfx: Each ship dives and climbs each out maneuvering the other and firing but no hits.

Isaac (aggravated): Rrrr. He so much faster than we are!

Morris: It’s a merc ship were an exploration vehicle, go figure.

Sfx: The dogfight continues.

Morris: Aurora, Can you get us in closer, we can’t get a clean shot from back…

Sfx: The ship swerves and dodges all but one shot, which destroys Morris’ turret causing his screen to go to static.

Morris: Rrrr. (hits the computer) He got me, it’s all on you Isaac.

Sfx: Dogfight continues, music builds.

Morris: Stop throwing away so many shots, use your computer and aim before you fi…

Sfx: The Osotica fires and destroys Isaac’s turret causing his screen to go to static. End on gloomy note, pessimistic.

Morris: (sighs) I didn’t even get to finish…

Isaac: That’s it, were done.

Morris: That’s it.

Morris: We got no more guns, we got no more options, we either do what he says or were dead.

Isaac: Well we haven’t, so why aren’t we… dead I mean. Why doesn’t he just shoot us right now.

Dylan: He’s hailing us.
Morris: Put him on.

Isaac: I guess we’ll find out, if it really is me he wants.

SFX: The radio comes on and shifts through static before tuning in on the signal. The music changes to tension music.

Bounty hunter: This is your final warning, I am maneuvering my ship to dock with yours, if you decline to let me aboard I will be forced to destroy your ship and everyone aboard.

Dylan: If you could have killed us you would have done it already. We have someone you need don’t we. You cant kill us, isn’t that right.

Sfx: point of interest theme.

Aurora: Dylan?!

Bounty hunter: (Laughs) You are clever, but wrong.

Sfx: Plot thickens theme, gloomy.

Gail: Dylan?! Now he’s going to kill us, you idiot.

Bounty hunter: I don’t need someone but something. You must know you are carrying a stolen 808 unit aboard your ship.

Aurora: That’s how he’s been finding us.

Dylan: You mean Bob?

Isaac: I knew they weren’t after me.

Aurora: He’s about to dock with our ship.

Bounty hunter: Now hand over the stolen property.

Sfx: start heroic optimistic theme. A third ship’s gun’s fire and hit the Bounty Hunter’s ship, sending him spiraling.

Bounty hunter: Arg!

Sfx: Bounty hunters signal breaks up into static. The third ship gets closer (should sound different) and fires a few more shots (which should also be distinct from the other two ships.)

Bounty hunter: This isn’t over, the 808 unit cannot hide from me.

Sfx: The bounty hunter’s ship speeds away damaged. Music ends on heroic note.

Dylan: The other ship is hailing us.

Morris: Put them on, lets see if the beings aboard the ship really helped us or if they just want us all to themselves.

SFX: The radio comes on and shifts through static before tuning in on the signal.

Third ship: This is the NSS Vanguard of earth, do you read us.

Dylan: They’re human.

Morris: That’s the first search ship, the one they sent before we left.

Gail: They said it was lost.

Isaac: That’s my father’s ship.

Sfx: Cliffhanger ending theme, similar to the lost theme.

DJ: Join us next week for the exciting continuation of Terra Novus every week at (show time) every (show day of the week) night here on SCAD RADIO.

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