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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terra Novus, ep. 5 - Bad Blood

DJ: And now for our feature presentation of TERRA NOVUS: Created and presented by SCAD Radio Dramas (Scattered).

Sfx: intro theme

dj: last week on terra novous...

ISAAC: Gunther Burgos?

CAPT. WHITAKER: Yes. the one who started our mission, was infected.

ISAAC: Dad? Where is he, is he still alive, I have to talk to him.

CAPT. WHITAKER: No. I’m sorry. We tried to treat him but our doctor was killed on the planet and we had neither the knowhow nor the manpower to keep him alive.

(Cut to)

CAPT. WHITAKER: If its any conciliation we still have many of his space logs in our computer system if you would like to come aboard and see them for yourself.

(Cut to)

MORRIS: Do you think while we our docked you could give my crew a hand removing it. I wouldn’t want to put your crew in danger.

CAPT. WHITAKER: Yes of course. Ill send a few of my men over to help immediately.

(Cut to)

EXODUS CREW #1: Hey I think I got it, (grunts) yep, here it is.

Sfx: spark fly as he breaks the chip off and pulls it out.
GRAHAM: That’s it hungh? That’s what he’s been using to track us?

(Cut to)

GAIL: Hugh, so much trouble in such a small little thing.

EXODUS CREW #1: you think that’s bad? You don’t know the half of it.

Sfx: The hissing of smoke starts coming into the room.
GAIL: What’s that noise?

GRAHAM: There! Its some kind of smoke (cough) coming in through the vents.

GAIL: (cough, cough) What do we do?

EXODUS CREW #1: (as puts gas mask on): Speak for yourselves, that’s your problem.

GAIL: Why does he have a gas mask Graham? Its almost like he… was… ex-pec—ting…

Sfx: Dylan and graham fall to the ground unconscious. Music makes them seem doomed. Then two people come running in.

ISAAC: Oh no, were too late. They’ve filled the entire ship with some sort of gas.

MORRIS: Quick Isaac, (cough) cover your face and try… not to (cough).. breath.. in – the smmm….

Sfx: Morris falls to the floor.

ISAAC (muffled): Not you too. (sighs) What can I do? I can already feeling it affecting me, even though im covering my face. (breathing heavily) Its… (cough) no… use.

sfx: Cliffhanger ending theme.

Dj: And now for the continuation of terra novus. Episode five.

Sfx: the music is tense and disorientating.

ISAAC: Wait, I have an idea. It’s so foggy in here from the smoke, If I can just find Bob, he’s probably still offline from when they were removing his homing beacon.

Sfx: Isaac stumbles around as gas still fills the room.

ISAAC: Here he is now I just have to flip on his power switch, and there’s a chance he might be able to stop…

Sfx: flips Bob back on, his circuits whir up to speed.

ISAAC: …what’s causing the smoke.

BOB: Were you able to remove the homing beacon?

Isaac: (Cough)

BOB: Wait, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you sir. are you all right. What’s going on, where is Gail and Graham they were right h…

ISAAC: (Cough) The other crew they put something in the vents…. You have to… ssstop… themmm.

Sfx: Falls to the ground. Plot thickens theme.

BOB: Oh my. It would seem that the member of the Exodus I detected working on the ventilation system was there purposely, and not by mistake as I was told before they worked on me. So I assume that’s where I should start.

Sfx: bob starts walking.

BOB: If I can turn that off, the rest of the crew might regain consciousness and be able to help me discover why the crew of the Vanguard would do such a thing.

Sfx: A door opens bob walks in and the door shuts.

BOB: Here I am, the air lock.

Sfx: Bob cranks a hatch and opens it letting all the air out of the room.

BOB: There’s no sign of the other crew, however my systems show that their ship is still docked with ours.

Sfx: Bobs feet slam against the ship almost like suction cups as they become magnetized.

BOB: My electro-magnetic feet will keep me held tight to the outside of the ship as I make my way to the ventilation unit.

Sfx: Bob loudly walks across the ship to the ventilation unit where we hear a fan and hear the hissing of he smoke.

BOB: That was rather smart of Isaac to reactivate me. He must have known I don’t breathe air and therefore would be the only one that wouldn’t be affected by the smoke.

CAPT WHITAKER (from inside his mask): You’re not the only one.

Sfx: Terrifying action theme.

BOB: Oh, my.

Sfx: An electrical sound crackles and sparks as he swings it at bob, like a mix between a lightsaber and a Tesla coil sound.

BOB: He is carrying a shock stick. If he lands one of those swings he is sure to scramble my circuits.

Sfx: The man keeps trying to hit bob with the shock stick.

Bob (as he’s dodging): If I can just… get.. be-hind him.

Sfx: Bob quickly maneuvers around behind him.

BOB: Yes, there we go, I did it. Now I just have to pull his oxygen chord from his ventilating pack.

Sfx: A chord is ripped off and air escapes out of the man’s suit.

CAPT WHITAKER (from inside his mask, gasping for air) What are you doing you stupid robot? My air, there’s no air, no oxygen. (gasps as a he panics) I can’t breathe, I can’t breatthe, I… can’t..

Sfx: Bob pulls a panel off and the fan gets louder along with the hissing from the smoke.

BOB: There it is, there’s what’s causing the problem. How about I “accidently give you a taste of your own medicine, just like you mistakenly were working on this ventilator unit instead of the turrets.”

Sfx: The hissing gets quiter as he hooks it up to Whitaker’s ventilator.

CAPT WHITAKER (from inside his mask): No, don’t do that. Don’t put my air hose up… to (cough) the – smoooke (sighs and exhales as passes out).

Sfx: music ends on a heroic note.

BOB: Mistakes happen, (pause) but not by my hand. But if anything happens to the rest of them I’ll need someone alive to talk. Oh my, I can barley believe I just said that.

Sfx: Bob grabs the shock stick and fires it a few times.

BOB: This could come in useful if I run into any more crew members. But this smoke machine will not be causing this crew anymore troubles.

Sfx: Bob rattles around in the ventilator unit before pulling out the smoke machine. It gets louder as he removes it; beeping and hissing with smoke.

BOB: (Grunts).

FSX: He throws it into space, it gets quieter and quieter as it goes away.

BOB: There! Back into the depths from which you came. Now, to get inside and check on the crew. But I have to be careful, once the gas has stopped the crew of the Vanguard will know someone has foiled their plan.

SFX: Transition music

Sfx: Bob walks up from the outside of the ship dragging the other crew member and opens the hatch which releases air, then gets inside and closes it. He lets the man fall on the floor.

Bob: And you, can stay right here. I will be back for you when you wake up.

Sfx: He then walks normally, the door opens.

Exodus crew member 2 (through his mask): Hold it right there!

Sfx: Adventure theme. Laser gun fires a few times missing bob.

BOB: Another one

Sfx: Bob sticks him with the shock stick which pops and snaps extra loud now to show it hit something.

Exodus crew member 2: (teeth chattering as he’s electrocuted).

Sfx: Then he falls to the floor, hissing with smoke. End music on a heroic note.

Exodus crew member 2: (Sighs in pain.)

BOB: That was close, I was lucky he was a bad shot. I better get to the bridge.

SFX: (Transition music)

Sfx: A door opens and Bob walks in.

BOB: Isaac, are you alright?

ISAAC: Bob, what happened?

BOB: I believe the other crew has tried to sabotage our mission.

ISAAC: Why I thought they were…

BOB: I know. They fooled us. I haven’t run into more than two on my way back here.

SFX: Suspense tension theme.

Isaac (surprised): Hungh!

Sfx: a laser gun charges up.

Isaac: Oh no.

Sfx: Laser gun fires and hits someone.

Isaac: Noooooo – oh. (Pause) what… just happened?

Sfx: The crew member falls to the ground.


SFX: Music become heroic and optimistic.

Morris: Are you two okay.

Isaac: Am I ever happy to see you.

Morris: The reunion will have to wait until were all here, lets find the others first.

Isaac: There she is, I see Gail. And there’s Graham.

Sfx: They run over to Gail and Graham and slap his faced softly as well as shake his head around a few times. Music makes it seem like they might be dead.

Morris: Com’on you guys, wake up.

Gail (dazed and confused): I don’t think that was protocol.

Graham: Morris?

Sfx: music becomes optimistic.

Morris: 808, why don’t you stay here with them, me and Isaac are going to go find the others.

Sfx: The two of them run off. (Transition music, then sneaky music.)

Sfx: A muffled screaming can be heard as the two of them walk up to a door.

Morris: Wait.

Sfx: Stop walking.

Morris (whispering): Do you hear that?

Isaac: (whispering) Do you think its Dylan?

Morris: It could be. Come on. You get on that side I’ll take this side, I’ll open the door on three.

Together: One, two

Sfx: the music peaks and then cuts off on a sour note. The door slides open as they say “three”. A laser gun loads.

Exodus crew #3: Ungh, ungh, ungh. Come on you know what I want, put the guns down or the girl gets it.

Dylan: (Muffled) The name is Dylan!

Exodus crew #3: Shut up!

Sfx: He hits her with the butt of his gun. The music is depressing, like the bad guys have won.

Dylan (muffled): ouch. (starts crying)

Isaac: Hey!

Morris: Rrrrr!

Exodus crew #3: Hey now, don’t get any bright ideas, I’m the one with the gun and the hostage here so you two really have no reason to be talking. Now were all gonna take a nice walk out to my ship, I’ll undock from your ship and if everything goes like I say it should, I’ll send her back in an escape pod. If not... well you know.

Isaac: Why you...

Exodus crew #3: Now lets go- you two first. Come on hands on your head, in front of me, facing away.

Sfx: The door opens.

Exodus crew #3: Now walk!

Sfx: They all start walking out.

Exodus crew #3: That’s it, nice and slow. Now take a left, I’ll be right behind y-.

Sfx: Gun fires.

Issac: Dylan!?

Sfx: Music hits a quick desperate note, then goes into action music.

Exodus crew #3: Oof!

Dylan: Let go of me you jerk.

Sfx: Punches him. The gun falls to the ground.

Dylan: Get the gun. Get the—(choking)

sfx: the music gets serious, and tension ensues.

Exodus crew #3: How dare you try to double cross m---

Sfx: Laser gun loads.

Morris: Let her go.

Exodus crew #3: Wait, don’t you need me. I have answers to your questions, I’m sure you have questions.

Morris: Well I’m not asking.

Sfx: Fires the laser gun.

Dylan: (Screams.)

Sfx: The man falls over and the music ends on a death note.

Exodus crew #3: Ehhhh.

Isaac: You shot him?!

Morris: I had to.

Isaac: Are you okay?

Dylan: (starts crying) Hold me.

Isaac: I—I got you. It’s okay.
SFX: Music gets confused/full of angst and depression, like he made the wrong decision.

Morris: (aggravated) I shouldn’t have shot him.

Isaac: You had to, its okay.

Morris: No, he was right, he was the last one. Now we’ll never know why they did this.

Isaac: Let’s go back to the rest of the crew, maybe they’ll have some answers.

Sfx: Transition music.

Graham: Hey. Did you guys find them?

Morris: Done for. Gone.

Dylan: He took me hostage.

Morris: Well he took his answers with him too…

Graham: To the grave.

Bob: If I may, Captain Morris, I might have an idea.

Sfx: (Transition music) Doors open.

MORRIS: So this is the man that attacked you outside Bob?

Bob: Yes, while I was working on stopping the gas.


MORRIS: It’s the Captain, and he’s hurt.

Isaac: He’s alive.

Bob: I didn’t hurt him, I hooked his ventilator up to the gas and he passed out. The guard, it must have been the guard – when I left the room he tried to attack me, I dodged the attack but I suppose the Captain was not so lucky.

MORRIS: Well what can we do, we need answers here people, not corpses. Where’s Liam?

Liam: Right here, sir?

Sfx: Liam steps up.
MORRIS: Can’t you do something, to keep him alive?

Liam: Let me see. (Pause while investigates) No his, he’s got a punctured lung – its filling with fluid, he’s already lost alot of blood, the chances are slim. I’m surprised he’s lived this long.

Sfx: start a distorted heroic theme, like the bad are turning good, crossing the line etc.

MORRIS: Alright Mr. we need answers and we need them fast. Why did you do that back there, with the gas, what were you guys after.

CAPT. WHITAKER: (Spits at him.)

MORRIS: Rrrrrr. All right pal you wants to play tough, alright, alright. (pauses like he’s not gonna do anything) Lets play tough!

Sfx: Squishing gore, music peaks in a painful note and then stops.

CAPT. WHITAKER: (starts yelling in pain)

Graham: Oh that’s brutal. Brutal.

Isaac: (disgusted) Ehh, wrenching on the guy’s wound like that; now that’s.. wrong.

GAIL: (mad and disappointed in him) Positively barbaric, Captain.

SFX: the music starts building more tension as it gets darker.

MORRIS: Still not talking huh, you know I don’t have to stick to wounds, any old soft spot will do - like your eyes for example, or the equivalent... in your pants.

Aurora: Morris!

MORRIS: He’s dead already, what do you care?

ISAAC: But, Liam said he had a chance of living.

MORRIS: So I’m helping him round down, so what.

Dylan: (queasy) I think I’m gonna be sick.

Sfx: Music breaks down into dramatic spurts, like the jaws theme. (Duh... Duh, duh.)

MORRIS: Now, I said I was done playing nice, but now I’m gonna count to three and then I’m through playing at all. And when that happens, I’m gonna ask every one to step outside and I’m gonna get my answers in ways that even I get nightmare about. Now I don’t want to do that, I know you don’t want me to do that. But if you don’t start talking… I’m gonna have to… do that.

Sfx: music builds so much tension we are scared for it to happen, we sympathize with Whitaker.

MORRIS: (takes a deep breath in) Here we go. One.. (pause) two…

Isaac: Morris!

MORRIS: Shut up! t-

CAPT. WHITAKER: (Voice cracking) All right! All right, ill tell you, (panting) I’ll tell you what you want to know.

SFX: music relaxes.

MORRIS: (infuriated) Why did you do that! With the gas!

CAPT. WHITAKER: We had to stop you, you were getting too close.

MORRIS: Too close to what!

CAPT. WHITAKER: Terra Novus, the new earth.

MORRIS: Isn’t that what you were looking for?


MORRIS: No, yes which one is it!

sfx: start sad/pessimistic nostalgic theme.

CAPT. WHITAKER: No. We were never meant to find anything. When we came up here we were told we would never be coming back; that our mission would automatically be deemed as a lost cause.

ISAAC: What about all the work, all my father’s star logs. All his research. You killed him because he was too close didn’t you. Didn’t you, you-

sfx: Plot development theme. The muffled noise of heart beat getting faster and faster can be heard.

CAPT. WHITAKER: No. yes, it’s true Gunther was not in on it. He’s the only way our mission seemed legitimate to the public. IGSTA did want him to find the planet, just not land on it.
ISAAC: That doesn’t prove you didn’t kill him.

CAPT. WHITAKER: Look, he was a pain in our side, I’ll give you that, but we weren’t going to kill him. If it hadn’t been for that Kriegal battle cruiser we never would have landed on that godforsaken planet that killed him in the first place. (pause, swallows hard) And I lost more than just him, I lost three members of my crew.

Sfx: end heart beat noise, Music breaks down to sad reminiscent theme again.

Capt. Whitaker: (Starts sobbing.)

Isaac: I’m sorry.

CAPT. WHITAKER: (snivvleing) do you think.. you think you could uncuff me. Ya know, for good behavior?

MORRIS: Aww, now I know you’re getting me all teary eyed and its messing with my hearing but I think I just heard you say you have a death wish, Captain.

Sfx: Music stops.

CAPT. WHITAKER: No, no, no, no! You said yourself I’m gonna die in a few minutes at least let me be comfortable. (coughing and spitting blood) consider it a last wish… from CAPTAIN TO CAPTAIN, human to human.

Sfx: Tension theme.

LIAM: Captain.


LIAM: I think we should do what he asks. It’s the least we can do.

MORRIS: I’ll be the one to decide that, doctor.

LIAM: I just mean its not like he can put up much of a fight with a wound like that. Or run away for that matter.

Sfx: Tension releases for a few seconds then starts fading back in..

MORRIS: Oh alright, get those things off of him, let him go.

Sfx: Someone walks over and releases the cuffs.

CAPT. WHITAKER: He said if anything happened, to… to

MORRIS: To what! To what… I swear if you die on me I’m gonna-

CAPT. WHITAKER: To do this?

Sfx: Pulls something out of his jacket, it beeps.

Isaac: What’s he pulling out of his jacket.

MORRIS: It’s a detonator

SFX: Plot development theme.

Graham: Everybody get down.


SFX: He presses the button on the detonator which beeps. A massive explosion goes off.

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme.

DJ: Join us next week for the exciting continuation of Terra Novus every week at (show time) every (show day of the week) night here on SCAD RADIO.

This episode featured the talents of
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Music and Sound FX by: __________
Mixed by:_______
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