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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terra Novus, Ep. 6 - Father's Footsteps

DJ: And now for our feature presentation of TERRA NOVUS: Created and presented by SCAD Radio Dramas (Scattered).

Sfx: intro theme

dj: last week on terra novous...

CAPT. WHITAKER: (Voice cracking) All right! All right, ill tell you, (panting) ill tell you what you want to know.

MORRIS: Why did you do that! With the gas.

CAPT. WHITAKER: We had to stop you, you were getting too close.

MORRIS: Too close to what.

CAPT. WHITAKER: Terra Novus, the new earth.

MORRIS: Isn’t that what you were looking for.


MORRIS: No, yes which one is it!

CAPT. WHITAKER: No. We were never meant to find anything. When we came up here we were told we would never be coming back; that our mission would automatically be classified as a lost cause.

ISAAC: What about all the work, all my father’s star logs. All his research. You killed him because he was too close didn’t you. Didn’t you, you-

CAPT. WHITAKER: No. yes, its true Gunther was not in on it. He’s the only way our mission seemed legitimate to the public. IGSTA did want him to find the planet, just not land on it.

ISAAC: That dosen’t prove you didn’t kill him.

CAPT. WHITAKER: Look, he was a pain in our side, ill give you that, but we weren’t going to kill him. If it hadn’t been for that Kreigal battle cruiser we never would have landed on that godforsaken planet that killed him in the first place. (pause, swallows hard) And I lost more than just him, I lost three members of my crew.

Capt. Whitaker: Starts sobbing.

Isaac: I’m sorry.

CAPT. WHITAKER: (snivvleing) do you think.. you think you could uncuff me. Ya know, for good behavior?

(cut to)

Sfx: someone walks over and release cuffs

CAPT. WHITAKER: He said if anything happened, to… to

MORRIS: To what! To what… I swear if you die on me I’m gonna-

CAPT. WHITAKER: To do this?

Sfx: Pulls something out of his jacket, it beeps.

What’s he pulling out of his jacket.

MORRIS: It’s a detonator.

Graham: Everybody get down.


SFX: He presses the detonator. A massive explosion goes off.

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme.

Dj: And now for the continuation of terra Novus. Episode six.

Sfx: All the air starts sucking out into space. Chairs tables etc slide across the floor. The music is fast and hopeless.

Morris: Quick everyone hold on to something or you’re all going to be floating with the stars.

Isaac: Sliding (ahh)

Gail: Hold on Isaac, I’ve got you.

Sfx: Grabs his hand, stops sliding.

Morris: Someone shut that door. Seal the air lock. Seal it off.
Graham: I think I can reach it with my… ahhh.

Sfx: Graham Starts sliding.

Isaac: Grab onto my foot.

Sfx: Grabs.

Graham: Got it.

Gail: Ungh, I’m slipping, I can’t hold both of you and me. Someone get that door closed!

Morris: (straining) just a… little… closer.

Sfx: He presses the button, and the door shuts. The air stops being sucked into space and the music relaxes.

Morris: (Sighs with relief.)

Sfx: Everyone is panting and exhausted.

Morris: (sarcastically) good behavior, (scoffs then sighs) alright sound off, who’s still with us? Did we lose anyone because that man’s antics?

Dylan: Dylan, I’m still here.

Graham: Graham, breathing.

Aurora: Aurora, in pain but alive.

Gail: Gail, I think I broke a nail.

Bob: Bob, present and accounted for. All systems are functional.

Morris: That leaves… Isaac, you still alive, I can’t see you with all this smoke (cough).

Isaac: I’m here.

Morris: Where’s the Captain, (cough) if the blast didn’t kill him I’m going to. Liam, check em for a pulse.

Sfx: Liam walks over grunting

Liam: I’m afraid he’s dead sir.

SFX: the music hits a depressing fail note.
Morris: (Sighs) well that’s no fun. Alright, damage report; 808, what just happened.

Bob: It appears that Captain Whitaker detonated a bomb that destroyed his ship while it was docked with ours. Damaging our engines and wiping out our communications.

Dylan: Sighs.

Bob: Wait, that’s not the worst part.

Morris: So what is?

Bob: The blast has sent us hurdling into the gravitational pull of another planet.

Sfx: plot point theme.

Morris: Alright everyone up to the main deck, if we cant pull up, let’s at least land her on her belly - somewhere soft.

Sfx: Everyone runs to the bridge, transition music. Building tension music, like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

Morris: Are there any lakes, deserts nearby.

Isaac: None that I can detect sir. There is however, a…

Morris: A what, what is it Isaac. Speak up we don’t have much time.

Isaac: It’s a.. it’s some kind of pieced together radio tower, it looks man made.

Morris: Any luck with the engines Aurora? Are we going to survive this thing?

Aurora: I’m trying my best, the engines won’t fire. I’ve extended all drag and brake flaps - I’m doing my best just to level us out Captain.

Morris: Everyone to your seats; strap in, and strap in good. I want to see everyone alive after we –

Sfx: The ship hits the atmosphere, bursting into flames and shaking the ship violently.

Morris: (shaking) lllaaannddd.

Sfx: The ship flies through the sky and crash lands in the desert. The music peaks then goes to transition music. The ships smokes as the engines sputter to a halt.

Morris: (breathing heavily) everyone alright?

Liam: Were all here captain.

Morris: Good. Good job aurora, were all here.

Sfx: Start concerning theme.

Aurora: (Breathing in pain and gasping) Yeah.

Liam: Are you alright Aurora, your holding your stomach. What is it? Is it the baby?

Aurora: I think so… I don’t know it just hurts.

Morris: Alright, Liam why don’t you take her to sick bay and Isaac you work on locking down the location of that radio tower you were talking about. They could have what we need to fix our communications. Graham, you know what you need to do – get to work on that engine.

Graham: Yes sir.

SFX: (Transition music)

Morris: So I guess that makes the search party me, Dylan, Isaac and Liam; are we all ready to head out.

Aurora: I’m going too.

Liam: But Aurora… what about the baby.

Aurora: I want to.

Morris: I really don’t think you should—

SFX: The music peaks and stands up for Aurora.

Aurora: You listen to me. I don’t give a damn what you do and don’t think I or anyone else on this ship can do. Ever since you found out I was pregnant you’ve been doubting my ability as a pilot, (chuckles) you even doubted me before that. I’m sure if you could have found a male pilot that would have done it for the “money” you were offering you would have taken him in a second over me. You treat Bob the same way and I’m sick of it. You better start treating us like were all the same species, because this crew may just be the last humans you’ll ever see.

Sfx: Doors open.

MORRIS: Alright (sighs) let’s go then.

SFX: (transition music) then we hear wind, it is a dry and dusty planet like Mars. Everyone is walking; we can hear the dry dirt at their feet.

Morris: You sure were still headed I the right direction?

Isaac: Yes sir, the readings placed the radio tower just over that ridge, it shouldn’t be far now.

Liam: Are you all right Aurora, you need to take a break?

Aurora: No (panting) I’m fine, I just want to get this over with. I want to show Morris I’m not as weak as he thinks I am. I just have this weird feeling.

Sfx: Start creepy/eerie music quietly.

LIAM: I know what you mean. Its almost like.. like were being-

AURORA: Watched?

LIAM: (Swallows hard) you took the words right out of my mouth. I keep looking over my shoulder but I see no one, nothing. It must be all this heat.

AURORA: Yes I do have to say it is getting hotter, I didn’t want to say anything because I thought It was just the baby acting up, but It does seem to be increasing dramatically, wouldn’t you say.

ISAAC: Creepy, De ja vu.

MORRIS: What is it.

ISAAC: It’s just…this all seems very familiar, like I’ve been here before. The rock formations, the odd plants, the scorched earth, it’s almost like its been muta- wait. That’s it, I haven’t been here… but my father has. This is exactly the same type of occurrences my father described in his space logs, this must be Zudam.

SFX: plot development theme. Then tension theme becomes dominant.

MORRIS: Wait a minute kid, didn’t the captain say they were killed by something here?

ISAAC: Yes, a radio active sun I believe it was.

LIAM: And when’s sunrise?

ISAAC: Oh you can see it getting lighter over there, its almost dawn. (Pause) Ohhhh, I get it. Its almost sunrise, and that’s a bad thing.

LIAM: Very.

Sfx: the music cuts out and a flair gun is fired into the air bursting after a few seconds.

LIAM: What was that?

MORRIS: The flare gun. Since our communications were down I told Graham if anything went wrong or he saw anything suspicious, to signal us with the flare gun.

AURORA: Well something’s definitely wrong

LIAM: Yeah, like were about to fallow in your father’s footsteps.

ISAAC: That used to be a good thing.

MORRIS: I’ll say, now com’on-

Sfx: Music starts getting really creepy, loud too. The crew stop walking. Then we hear distorted moaning coming from somewhere, then a freakish scream. Morris upholsters his gun.

Morris: What the hell was that?

Liam: There! behind us, captain!

Sfx: Charges gun. Another freakish scream.

Isaac: They don’t look friendly.

Liam: Aliens! I knew something was following us.

Morris: None like I’ve ever seen. It’s just one more reason to get back to the ship - Now com’on!

Sfx: Tension theme, show that the team is divided.

Dylan: No. we need to repair the communications, it can’t be more than half a mile now.

Morris: Not at the risk of my crew’s lives.

Gail: We can’t turn back now, not when were so close. They look slow enough, I’ll bet we can outrun them.

Aurora: You might be able to outrun them, but you won’t make it back before sunrise.

SFX: Music becomes sympathetic.
GAIL: You all think I’m just someone who criticizes everyone else. That I’m here in someone else’s place, but you never looked at who I really am. As a person, never appreciated me as an individual.

AURORA: You wouldn’t be the first or the only one either but Morris is right. Now’s not the time, we can talk about this once were on the ship. Now common, they’re closing in around us.

GAIL: I’m trying to tell you I was on the track team in college. Could run the quarter mile in -

MORRIS: This is not a discussion, I’m going to clear a path on three, and I want everyone back to the ship. Now here we go, One, two

Dylan: Three!

Morris: Gail?! Get back here, you heard the-

Gail: Just make that path, I’ll meet you back at the ship.

DYLAN: I’m going with her.

ISAAC: No Dylan, its not worth it.

DYLAN: (Grunts as she tries to pull arm away) We have to get the parts, or I won’t be able to do my job and I’ll really be as useless as everyone already thinks I am.

ISAAC: At least you’ll be alive. Com’on, well find another way to repair them.

DYLAN (reluctantly): All right.

ISAAC: Now run!

Sfx: Action tension music: Morris starts firing and hitting the aliens, some of them scream in pain other yell back angrily ready for revenge. We can hear the crew running.


LIAM: Com’on Aurora, we don’t have time!

AURORA: It’s the baby! I thinks its coming.

Liam: But it’s too early.

Aurora: I know, but I can feel it!

Liam: You’ve got to run, I know it hurts… do it for your baby.

Aurora: (Struggles in pain) I can’t.

Liam: (Sighs) All right, common, I’ll carry you.

Aurora: But what about Morris, I don’t want him to think—

Liam: It doesn’t matter what he thinks anymore, just get on my back. I’m sure he’d rather have a pregnant pilot then no pilot at all.

Sfx: She gets on his back. The music gets heroic but keeps the same speed and intensity, this is one of the most intense themes of the entire show.

Liam: (grunts under her weight) That’s it, hold on we’ll be there soon. You’re going to make it. You’re going to be okay.

Dylan: There?!

Morris: What, what are you pointing at!

Dylan: It Gail, she’s got it.

GAIL (getting louder as she comes out of the distance) (out of breath): I got it, I got the part guys. Wait for me.

SFX: Aliens yell as they take notice of her. The music starts getting sadder, darker and more tragic as well as freaky.

GAIL (trying to fight them off): Hey, get off of me. Get off of me!

SFX: Aliens snarl and bite her and scream, as they tear open her suit.

Gail: Oww. Ahhh!! Help me! Get these things off of me.

Dylan: Gail!

sfx: Isaac grabs her suit as she tries to walk away, stopping her.

SFX: Start plot development theme.

Dylan: Com’on Isaac, don’t just stand there. Help me, we have to do something!

Isaac: (Regretfully but impatiently) No, Dylan. It was her choice to go back for it.

Dylan: But they’re tearing her suit open, she’ll be completely unprotected from the radiation when the sun rises.

ISAAC: We can’t save her now. We have about 30 seconds to get everyone we can onto that ship and shut the doors or were all going to die, now com’on. I wish there was a better way but right now you either save yourself, or die with her.

Sfx: Start up frenetic tension theme again. Their footsteps go from running on ground to the ship.

Morris: Com’on, everyone on, so I can shut the door. I can’t hold them off much longer.

Sfx: Everyone runs on and sits. Morris keeps firing as the door shuts.

Morris: Viewing shields! We’ve got to cover the ships windows before the sun rises or the radiation will penetrate the ship.

Sfx: Large squeaky doors start slowly sliding closed.

MORRIS: Can you fly Aurora?

AURORA: I.. (grunting with pain and panting) I’m sorry.

MORRIS: Fine! I’ll get us airborne.

Sfx: Morris sits and straps in, engines start firing up. The beings can still be quietly heard moaning and screaming. The music cuts off as the ship starts to shake, as they push on the ship.

Morris: What was that?

Dylan: They’re right out side, they’re clawing at the ship

Isaac: They’re trying to get in.

SFX: Start dramatic sad theme.

Gail: (screaming and banging on the door) Wait! Wait for me! I made it, I’m here.
Let me on, I have the part. Hey guys its me! Please!!

Isaac: What are you doing?

Dylan: I’m opening the door, I’m gonna let her on.

Isaac: No, don’t! You’ll let them on too.

Dylan: No, I’ve got to, they’re killing her out there.
Aurora: No. the doors stay shut, the radio active sun of this planet has almost fully risen which means it’s at maximum power. It could kill all of us. I’m not letting that happen to my crew, to my baby.

Morris: Me neither.

Dylan: So what you’re just going to let her die out there. (Scoffs)

Morris: She was already dead the moment she made her decision.

Dylan: Oh no, its happening. Oh God.

Sfx: Screams get painful and louder outside as it sounds like flesh is burning and bubbling. The sun gets brighter.

Gail: Let me, oonnn—iiiyyeee!!!!

Sfx: Her voice gets distorted and changes as she mutates.

Isaac: (disgusted, scared, sad and almost crying) They’re changing, it’s mutating them.

Dylan: (Sobbing) Its killing them! GAIL!!!

Gail: Let me on, Dylan please! Isaac, I saved your life!! Just let me---( then her voice gets too distorted to recognize or understand).

Dylan (crying): Let go of me.

SFX: She slaps him.

Dylan: That could have been me out there you bastard. Would you have left me? Would you have left me if I would have went with her?

Aurora: I would have left anyone stupid enough to disobey an order. I’m not putting this crew in jeopardy like that again for one of you guys’ stupid mistakes. I have to do what’s best for the group, not individuals.

SFX: Music slows and fades away.

Dylan: Cries and sobs.

Isaac: Look. Their outfits, those look like the ones the crew of the Vanguard were wearing.

Liam: It’s almost like it didn’t kill them, it just... mutated them.

Isaac: They must be the other crew members that they had to leave stranded on the planet.

Aurora: (Suddenly screams in pain.)

SFX: the music mirrors her pain, concern theme with a touch of immediacy.

Isaac: What’s wrong with her?

Liam: (sighs) I’m afraid the stress of this whole thing, and the radiation has somehow sent her into an early labor. I can feel it, she’s having contractions.

Isaac: What you mean, like she’s going to have the baby.

Dylan: Right now?

Liam: Not without your help she isn’t.

Isaac: Me? But I’ve never… I don’t…

Liam: Common, I can’t do it alone, I need you to help me carry her into the sick bay.

Dylan: Come on, I’ll help too.

Isaac: I don’t know, I…

Liam: Just get in here!

Sfx: Door opens, they walk in then the door shuts.

Liam: Alright, let me take a look on the ultrasonic-imager and see where we are.

Sfx: He puts something gooey on her stomach.

Aurora: (Panting and moaning from the pain, she starts breathing faster) its cold.

Liam: I know, its okay. Just try and breathe.

Liam: All right it looks like your dilated enough, I think were ready. Are you r--

sfx: Music breaks down to dramatic bursts like jaws.

Isaac: Wait doc, what’s that?

Liam: What’s what?

Isaac: That.

Sfx: Taps screen with his finger twice.

Isaac: What is it.

Liam: It looks like he’s gotten so active he’s wrapped the umbilical chord around his neck.

Sfx: start tension theme.

Isaac: So can’t he un-wrap it.

Liam: It might come undone, but it’s a slim chance. We have do deliver him now or the baby could suffocate.

Isaac: You mean die?

Liam: I mean, if we don’t get it unwrapped in the next three minutes, Aurora’s baby is going strangle itself to death!

SFX: Cliffhanger ending theme.

DJ: Join us next week for the exciting continuation of Terra Novus every week at (show time) every (show day of the week) night here on SCAD RADIO.

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