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Friday, December 5, 2008

Promotional posters

general for promo art
For those working on promotional art, or looking to - I now need to assemble your powers. I have posted Character designs on the, I have posted brief descriptions and thumbnails of what I thought the covers could be as well. So now I just need people to sign up to do the artwork, I want all styles! No one has claimed any yet but I will post a comment confirming the artists and covers they are working on under this wall post on facebook. The art should be proportionate to 6.5” wide x 7.5” tall (that’s in inches people). The whole show is supposed to have a retro-scifi feel if that helps any of you and so the covers are supposed to spoof or reference indirectly comic covers such as these,
and in fact the layout of the promo posters will follow closely the layout of the last link with the large title bar across the top specifically, which is why the art is as constrained as it is (proportion wise). You should try to have the viewer caught in the midst of the action or major plot of that episode on the cover. If you need more explanation on this you can email me or if you need clarity on the situation during which the cover takes place you could just read the episode.

Lastly to the artists, the art is not to be colored. Gray tones may be applied if they are zippatone/screentone/halftone dot patterns but these will be photocopied so grays and colors will become black. So keep it to black and white art, thanks and don’t forget to contact me before you start and tell me which one you would like to work on.

here are the cover summaries.

Episode 1: High speed chase between two hover cars. One of them morris is driving and Isaac is in the back seat freaking out. The other car has a man hanging out the window firing a machine-gun like laser weapon into the side of morris’ car. Or you could do the same thing but instead of the man shooting at morris’ car, morris’ car could be swiping and slamming into the villains’’ car, sending them hurdling towards the median.

Episode 2: a kodukai alien is sticking his tongue out to lick aurorra’s face/ear. All the crew but graham is handcuffed with laser binders and on their knees. Liam could be trying to stop it but gets hit.

Episode 3: the exodus and osotic’as ships are engaged in a dogfight but the bounty hunter’s ship (osotica’s ship) is destroying the exodus’ turrets.

Episode 4: the crew of the vanguard stand face to face with the crew of the exodus.

Episode 5: Bob is on the outside of the ship headed for the oxygen processor which is hooked up to an odd machine creating the gas inside the ship. But capt. Whitaker in a space suit stands between bob and his goal holding a shock stick.

Episode 6: The side of the ship gets blown open and everyone is holding on for dear life to not get sucked out. Graham is holding onto isaac’s foot, who is holding onto gail ,who is slipping. They are one room in form the room that was blown open, Morris is reaching for the button to shut the door between the two rooms.
Or gail is reaching for the crew as they enter the ship, her suit is being torn apart by the mutants as a radioactive sun rises in the background.

Episode 7: mutated crew members surround and jump down the narrow cavern walls to the bounty hunter who is holding tracking device, maybe he fires off a few shots.
Or Minerva glows as everyone in the ship floats.

Episode 8: a bearded graham (on screen) is being overthrown by kodukai on the other end of a communication. On this end, Dylan is tranquilized and in the arms of either graham or a kodukai (pat-mok).

Episode 9: The crew hold back graham as he grabs graham by the collar, ready to beat the shit out of him. The crew are on graham’s side.
Or Dylan barley standing is holding her throat, trying to point to graham. Liam is trying to help and is shocked, graham points to liam as if he is the culprit the crew are on his side, or graham is just looking evil and scheme-hatching.

Episode 10: Isaac and bob, pushing Dylan in a chriochamber dive to avoid falling debris from the ceiling that the exodus’ laser cannons have shot out. Or seen from graham’s point of view in the turret shooting it out. They are headed into igsta (a nasa like government facility) with computers etc, on earth.
Or morris is going to press a button to send the signal to earth but graham pulls a gun on him, it can be shooting or not.
Or the exodus is shooting and destroying cop cars, which explode as they come around to corner of the igsta parking lot. We can see the jump gate.

Episde 11. a wounded morris looks confused as he points the laser gun at what appears to be two liams rolling around wrestling. They may be pointing at one another as if to say, (he is the impostor).
Or briggs and quinn are handcuffed by laser binders to something in the room, cops and everyone else leave as tons of people bang/come through the windows, an angry mob ready to get their revenge.

here are the character designs to stick to.





osotica - the bounty hunter

liam and morris


aurorra - she wears a pancho type thing with a hood to conceal the fact that she is pregnant.

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